Radon Information

Link to EPA Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon


Understanding the reason for closed house conditions which must be maintained 12 hours prior to and during the 48 to 96 hour process.

Uranium 238 has a half life of 4 billion years. As it decays it changes properties. When Uranium fully decays (8 billion years) it becomes Lead 210. Radon 222 is a decay product within this decay chain and it is a gas. It is the only gas in the Uranium 238 decay process.

Unlike Uranium, Radon (gas) has a half life of only 3.8 days. The decay products of Radon gas are Polonium 218 (3 minute half life) to Lead 214 (27 minute half life) to Bismuth 214 (20 minute half life) to Polonium 214 (164 seconds half life). It is the Radon decay products (specifically Polonium 218 & 214) that are the major contributors to the health problem to humans. These products contribute most of the dangerous Alpha particles that destroy lung tissue (20 times more dangerous than Radon gas).

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The house is closed for 12 hours prior to testing to ensure equilibrium has been reached. The amount of radon entering the house is equal to the amount of products decaying off, falling to the floor, and plating out on surfaces.